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Charities We Support

On our wedding day my wife & I were encouraged by our priest to contribute to society through acts of charity – specifically by feeding those in need & also by supporting animal welfare. Soulphotography Studios Ltd. is therefore committed to donate, at the very least, 5% of the company’s profits towards the following charities, who we believe do some fantastic work & deserve our support.


On average only 1 out of 100 young girls living in rural India finishes school – many of the rest are unfortunately lost to child marriage. Food For Life Vrindavan has set up schools to educate poor girls, thus empowering them to transform their lives and that of their communities. As well as free eduction the charity also provides free hot meals & medical care to over 1500 impoverished girls living in Vrindavan, India. They also serve the wider community by planting trees, recycling & organic farming.

All portraits were captured, whilst volunteering in India for FFLV, in 2014.

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 Up to 2,000,000 cooked meals are now served daily in over 60 countries, making Food For Life Global the world’s largest (plant-based) food relief. Serving fresh hot cooked meals, during natural disasters & wars, to the impoverished, hungry, homeless & needy, this charity is truly for all of humanity.


New Gokul Farm is a cow sanctuary based at Bhaktivedanta Manor, London, with a sister farm in Rutland, near Leicester. The project’s mission is to present sustainable alternatives to commercial agricultural and food demand that depends on the suffering & slaughter of innocent animals, more specifically the cow. New Gokul Farm presents both the philosophy and practical implementation of compassionate cow protection.

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